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In more recent years, Levysimage as a director has begun to change. First, in 2014, he directed the adult drama/comedy This Is Where I Leave You; then this year, he served as aproducer onSicario directorDenis Villeneuveshighbrow first (alien) contact drama Arrival and season 1 of thesmash hit Netflix series Stranger Things (featuring two episodes directed by Levy). We interviewed Levy about his role on Arrival and discussed someof his upcoming projects among them, Stranger Things season 2 and the Uncharted video game movie adaptation (which Levy is directing). Read on to find out what he had to offer: Youre mainly known for producing and directing comedies, which [Arrival] is most definitely not. did you first come to this project? I always had a very specific kind of aspiration for [production company] 21 Laps ever since I founded it over ten years ago; and the goal was always to produce a wider range of tones and genres than the comedies I became known for first. Im certainly grateful for the success Ive had, but the reality is that Im always thought of as the Night at The Museum guy, but my tastes are far more eclectic than that so weve put real energy into finding material in other genres. So when we came upon this short story, The Story of Your Life, which is the basis for Arrival it was so incredible we decided to develop it and get a movie made. How soon in the production did you decided to go with [director] Denis Villeneuve? great post to readWell it was was about five years ago that we came upon the short story, and around the same time we saw one of Denis first movies, Incendies, and it was clear to us that he was an emerging maestro. So we took a meeting with him and learned that he had always wanted to do science fiction; and coincidentally wed just found this amazing unheard of sci-fi story.

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